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Review to "We Must Be Reborn"

"Germany very rarely stands out in different fields within metal, where the majority of groups is focuses on offering Thrash, Death or Black Metal records.
Road to Exile makes a difference compared to other bands and promotes progressive sounds influenced by old school metal, mixing it with thrash and heavy metal riffs on their debut EP WE MUST BE REBORN. The vocalist takes some inspiration by Dave Mustaine's technique, but with more deepness to bring the instrumentation into the Progressive Rock direction."

"Alemania se destaca muy rara vez en campos diferentes dentro del Heavy Metal, donde la mayoría de los grupos están centrados a ofrecernos discos de Thrash, Death o Black Metal.
Road to Exile marca diferencia como otras bandas lo hacen y promueve sonidos progresivos bajo influencias de la vieja escuela, fusionándolo con riffs thrash y heavys en su EP debut “We Must Be Reborn”. Hablando de la voz, el vocalista toma pequeñas bases inspiradas en la técnica de Dave Mustaine, y también este se vuelve un poco más aguda al querer llevar la instrumentación a Progressive Rock."


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In need of going back to the roots of heavy metal, guitarists Fabian and Thomas, drummer Johannes and former bassist Steffen met in April 2015 and agreed to rewind metal's history back to the 80s and start over again. For this purpose, they took the best bits of their favorite bands and artists, including Queen, The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, Dream Theater, Ensiferum, Opeth, Blind Guardian, Guns'n'Roses, Lamb of God, Black Label Society, Tenacious D, Bullet for my Valentine, Trivium, Avenged Sevenfold, Cradle of Filth and Eric Clapton.

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Because 80s metal is not 80s metal without Iron Maiden and Metallica, they recruited Hamza, who could play all Dave Murray and Kirk Hammett solos blindfolded.

Having now found a capable shredder, they finally met Carl, who after this point never touched his acoustic guitar again. Being so mesmerized by the great singers of Heavy Metal, he began taking inspiration from Ronny James Dio, James Hetfield and Dave Mustaine. They played their debut concert in December 2015 and their first EP titled "We Must Be Reborn" including 3 songs was released in February 2016.

After Steffen had left the band, senior bassist and Judas Priest fan Sebastian joined the band in November 2016 and enriched the music with his great technique and his soft background vocals. The six musicians set off on a tour of seven concerts in southern Germany and released their debut album titled "Order & Chaos" in November 2017.

This development resulted in what Road to Exile's music is today: a rich sound universe of soft voices and growls, sweet acoustic guitar and howling guitar solos, breakdowns and country rhythms, songs about life and songs about beer. This is how metal should be.


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